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we KNOW irrigation from the ground up.

Bringing over 30 Years of Irrigation Experience and Expertise.

Serving northern California’s Sacramento Valley, the Bay Area, and Central Valley, our mission is to be the gold standard provider of irrigation system analysis so residents can get the most out of every dime and drop.

Commercial and residential landscapes are largest consumers of urban water accounting for more than 50% of water usage in some cities. Unfortunately, much of this water can go down the drain. We can help! From modern irrigation design, to plant choices, a proper irrigation audit is a complex multi-discipline process. With more than 30 years of experience serving the landscape, horticulture, and irrigation industries, we know irrigation from the ground up.

Working with landscape architects, developers, and homeowners, we are integral in delivering stunning, water-efficient green spaces.


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Our Guiding Philosophy

At Terra, we place an extremely high value on the importance of respectfully utilizing our resources. Our ultimate goal is to accommodate a fast growing population and changing climate by using water as efficiently as possible so we can leave our children and grandchildren with an inheritance of sustainable water resources.

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