Landscape Irrigation

Auditing Services

Irrigation auditing is the process of investigating and writing a report on a new or existing irrigation system. The audit includes catch can tests on above ground sprinklers, surveys of sub surface drip, tree bubbler and shrub bubbler irrigation systems with pressure readings where possible. A drawing of the audited area is provided with each catch can milliliter reading. The report also includes a pressure test on the point of connection and main line, controller programming, inspections of remote control valve installations and quick-coupler installations. Problems are noted in the report and flagged in the field. A review of the irrigation schedule is also provided. A sample report can be provided upon request.

Audits provide the information to accurately manage your irrigation water use thereby reducing the cost of water. Irrigation auditing also helps to improve your plant quality by providing the right amount of water for the right plants. An irrigation audit provides a base line for proper water use and is helpful information in diagnosing problems that arise in the future.